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Mount Major is a mountain located in Alton, New Hampshire, south of Lake Winnipesaukee and northeast of Straightback Mountain in the Belknap Range. The scenic, rocky summit is a popular hiking destination, accessible by multiple trails including the:
STRENUOUS: Take the obvious woods road which leaves the RIGHT side of the parking lot as you face the mountain. There are blue blazes, but you won’t need them to follow the road. Almost within sight of the parking lot, the road forks; either fork is OK but make sure everyone in your party or team goes the same way. The blue blazes and the Main Trail turn left at another junction about .8 miles from the parking lot. The road becomes a footpath, often with several branches which usually rejoin. There are a number of rock slabs to ascend. The trail climbs over a small knoll then steeply up the rocks to the summit. The best views are from this trail.
Distance from parking lot: 1.8 miles.
MODERATE: Take the worn "snowmobile" trail which leaves the Left side of the parking lot as you face the mountain. Cross two small bridges within sight of the parking lot, then turn Right up the bank next to a boulder and continue up an old woods road which is growing in. At .4 miles from the parking lot, turn Right at a fork and switchback uphill. The road then circles downhill to the Left and finally becomes a trail. The trail ascends through a boulder field and comes out on ledges which it follows NW to the summit. This trail is entirely within the treeline.
Distance from parking lot: 1.8 miles.
On the return, follow the orange blazes along the ledges to the SE.
EASY: Follow the Main Trail for .8 miles, then go straight following yellow blazes where the Main Trail turns Left. After a dip, the trail follows an old road up along the brook – in wet weather some of the trail seems like a brook, and crossings may be difficult at times of high water. At the col between "Straightback Mountain" and Mt. Major, turn L on the blue-blazed trail to reach the summit. A route up from the South joins from the Right shortly beyond. Taking this trail is easier, but you will have to wait to reach the summit in order to enjoy the spectacular views.
Distance from parking lot: 2.4 miles.
On the return, take the trail heading West toward Mt. Belknap, then go Right at the col.
HUMOROUS NOTE: but sound advice, do not take the trail to Straightback Mtn., which does not lead “straight back” to the parking lot. 
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