"A Home" - Providing a home for our children - Mama Connie & Joyce under Joyce's Quilt of Love
A Hope - "Obeng" - At one time abandoned
A Future - Sunday "Sunny" Gyebi

A Home

The model of care that is now being established at Step by Step, consists of an individual family, each with Personal live-in Caregivers, who provide tender, nurturing care, to each of our children 24/7. As we grow our community, this model will expand and continue to define “A Home”, where the love of God resides.

A Hope

God says in His word that Hope does not disappoint. The hope He provides, brings a certainty, an expectation, and a kingdom truth that we can confidently embrace now. We want all of our children to have “A Hope.” For this reason, our foundational commitment will be to point them to Jesus, their eternal Hope.

A Future

    It is our hope, to provide our children with a future not only for the here and now, but a knowledge and understanding of “A Future” that is coming; where our children will know they have a glorious life awaiting them, a place where their disabilities will be no more, a life everlasting with their loving Father in heaven. Love never fails. This is the heartbeat of Step By Step. 



Our children have been rejected by their families, cast out from society, and lack support from the government or other NGO's.  Many of these children have physical or mental impairments like Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Autism and life altering birth defects.  They look for nothing more than to be noticed, held, loved, played with, and treated with respect and dignity.

Love is commitment. 

We believe in committing to the development of each child's abilities. Some children with severe disabilities may be perceived as hopeless, but we trust in God to help us look past the impossibilities of their disabilities. There is hope!

Please support us, by helping establish a foundation of love, that will bring "A Home - A Hope - A Future, into the lives of every beloved child God gives us.