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Please help us secure the Future they never had
Please help us bring more children Home.

Step By Step is now "Side By Side"

We are building a second home to provide:

for more children with Special Needs.

Please read our "News Release" below.

A Home - A Hope - A Future
Please help us bring more children Home.
News Release:
May 24, 2022
Your gift brings Hope to a once abandoned child
Your gift brings Hope to a once abandoned child







Step by Step Worldwide Ministries, with international headquarters in Ghana, West Africa, is excited to announce that they have secured the long-term lease of a second Home for Children with Special Needs.  This facility will allow Step by Step to provide full-time care for an additional ten or more children. The new home will also provide accommodations for additional staffing.   Currently Step by Step operates their primary home in the town of Kwaso, housing thirteen children, all with special needs.  According to John Michael “Mike” Stainsby, the President of Step By Step, this facility was a gift from God, Who orchestrated it all.  “We were really tight for space, and at a point where we were unable to bring home any more children with special needs.”  The children that Step by Step cares for are abandoned, and have significant life threatening physical and developmental disabilities from birth.  These children want nothing more than to be loved. And at Step By Step, they receive that love and much more.

Mike indicates Step by Step is developing plans to open a future “Special Needs community” in Ghana, able to support many more children, including an educational center, medical & therapy clinic, and residential accommodations for traveling missionaries; however, that is a few years down the road, and the project is currently in the design and funding stages.  “We needed a solution now, and the Lord provided more than we could have imagined.”  The new home is on an adjacent property to their existing location, only a "stone's throw" away, or about 30 feet gate to gate.  As part of the long-term lease, Step by Step will be funding a variety of building projects, including plumbing, electrical, tiling, all paint, construction of a perimeter wall, and the drilling of a bore hole well.

Mike indicates they plan on starting work immediately so they can control costs before the impacts of future inflation hit.  They need approximately $20,000 to bring the project to completion.  All money utilized for finishing construction will be applied as total payment of the lease, making this deal a value over the term of the occupancy agreement.  In addition to construction, Step by Step will begin the process of interviewing additional caregivers to join the team.  Mike indicates they will soon bring on 1-2 people who they can train up, so they can be prepared for the first children who will occupy the new home.  They will continue to increase staffing as more children arrive.  Their hope is to be able to open the facility by the end of the 3rd quarter of 2022.   

In addition to funding for construction, Step by Step is always looking for partners who are interested in coming alongside them, in this important mission.   They expect their future budget for operating the two homes to be $2000 per month. That includes not only total care for the nearly 25 children, including food, medical, therapy, and special education, but also all living expenses and benefits for caregivers.

To learn more about Step by Step Worldwide Ministries, please visit us at our FAQ Page or find us on Facebook.  We would love to hear from you, and share our passion for caring for these children. 

To donate to this project please visit our Secure Donation page.  To donate to our daily operations please visit our website donation page here.


Please help us secure the Future they never had
Take a walk with us, to our soon to be, 2nd Home for our kids!
Our second home is Right next door! It's "Side By Side!"
A home for an additional 12 more children with Special Needs 
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Construction is underway for our "Kids." 
Cement for plastering and block making has been delivered, and our masons are hard at work.
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From building blocks, to installing ceilings, from Drilling our well, to installing the electrical wiring, our newest home for abandoned children with Special Needs, is moving forward.
Please consider supporting us in the building of this home for our Step By Step Special Kids
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Drilling the Well!!!
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